Noy Yo

The party word-guessing game using only 'Yes' or 'No' questions.

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Noy Yo is based off of the popular game Pinoy Henyo from the Phillippines. It's similar to 20 Questions, except instead of a question limit, there is a time limit!

How it works:

  • Two teams compete against each other to reach 10,000 points first!
  • On their turn, a team will have on person be the guesser. They'll place the phone on their forehead and begin asking questions to their teammates.
  • Teammates can ONLY respond with 'Yes', 'No', or 'Maybe'. Any other response is against the rules and the guessing team will lose that turn.
  • If the word is too hard, simply flip the phone up to skip to a new word, but be warned, the timer won't reset!
  • If the guesser successfully guesses the word before time runs out, they flip the phone down to mark the word correct!
  • The faster they guess the word, the more points your team will be awarded, getting you ever closer to that 10,000 point goal!

There are two modes:

  1. Timed - This is the recommended mode that puts two teams against each other, trying to guess words the fastest
  2. Free Play - This is a more relaxed mode with no teams and no timer. It's fun for just passing the phone around to guess words

There are also multiple difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and All. All will contain a mashup of all the difficulties with the harder words being worth more points!